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We traveled from Washington DC with the hope of finding a professional that would be EFFECTIVE in helping our 4 y.o. son with stuttering issues and empowering us as parents. Tim did those things and more — we learned so much just by watching him work with our son. Thankfully stuttering is no longer a part of my son’s life (he is now 5 y.o.). Tim really helped us through a very difficult time. I admire and support Tim’s expertise, commitment, and advocacy for those affected by stuttering and speech issues. Highly recommend.

Henry’s Success Story
Washington DC

In 6 visits you helped my twins overcome stuttering at the same time. The improvements were dramatic and quick. The fact the parents are a part of the therapy experience makes all the difference! I was able to continue working on fluency at home. I’m confident that this is why the results are so quick. It was a great experience for the boys – who really thought they were only going there to play games – and for me. One of my twins, who been labeled a “severe stutterer” by another speech pathologist, no longer stutters. The other also remains fluent.

Katherine Phillips

Tim simultaneously helped both of my children stop stuttering. Kyle was six and Katie four when they received the F.A.S.T. Fluency treatment.

My son Kyle started stuttering at age four. Everyone said he was just thinking faster than he could talk and that he would outgrow it. Two years later it was worse!

Katie was three years old before she started talking. Over the next year she made great progress acquiring speech sounds. Unfortunately, with the emergence of speech came stuttering. Now I had two children stuttering but could not find help for them.

I was referred to Tim by a local speech therapist. That was the beginning for a new life for my children. As I sit here in tears, I thank God for Tim.

Kyle and Katie were treated together. Not only did my children learn to how to correct their speech and speak fluently, I was given the tools to help them speak fluently at home. In six sessions my children were already showing a big improvement. They both graduated in less than 12 visits. One year after treatment they are totally fluent. Sometimes I forget they ever stuttered.

Toni Legg

After several attempts at speech therapy followed by unimaginable discouragement, I discovered Tim, and the feeling of discouragement was replaced with accomplishment and self-confidence.

John Kaplan
age 15

We had a great experience in F.A.S.T. Fluency. It resolved my son’s stuttering for good. Keep up your good work.


Our experience with your therapy has been very good. We are extremely happy to see our son still fluent one year later. This program made our son very confident.


Speech therapy with Tim helped my daughter resolve her severe stuttering problem. It was a positive experience for the whole family. Three years after F.A.S.T. Fluency, Sydney no longer demonstrates any disfluency.

Tammy Cohen, Ph.D.

My son Ben was born 14 weeks early- at 26 weeks gestation- and survived a very rough and challenging beginning. He was diagnosed early on as having delayed speech and difficulty with fine and gross motor skills.

When Ben began stuttering at age two, I was assured by a professional that it was developmental stuttering and that it would go away on its own. Just before age four, the stuttering grew dramatically worse. In a matter of days Ben was unable to get sounds and was stomping his feet in attempts to force the words out. After he told me “1 can’t talk,” I went into a panic trying to figure out how to help him. Fortunately, I was referred to Tim Mackesey and we were able to begin his F.A.S.T. Fluency program immediately.

Within three visits I was very comfortable applying the technique at home. After seven sessions Ben “graduated” from the program. My husband and I worked out the last remnants of mild stuttering symptoms. About three months after our last session with Tim, Ben had what appeared to be two-day partial relapse. Thanks to F.A.S.T. Fluency, we knew exactly what to do in order to immediately help Ben stop any stuttering.

Ben not only enjoyed this therapy, he grew proud of talking “smooth.” It was fun, full of games, and positive reinforcement.

One year after treatment we have a child who still no longer stutters. As Ben approaches age five, he no longer has any type of speech therapy. He only has physical therapy once a month and occupational therapy weekly.

Leigh Ann Rogers

I was a desperate parent. I was watching my child go down hill fast. As soon as we started this program I saw a dramatic change in my child. She not only began speaking fluently but also she was becoming more confident. Now she is a changed child. She speaks with no hesitation 11 months after therapy. I was, and still am, very pleased with our results. I would not change a thing with this program! Driving an hour each way was well worth it. Thank you for all your help.

Georgiana Rhea

My son was moving his arms and torso as he stuttered and struggled. These body movements stopped after two visits. He is able to stop and correct his occasional mild bumpy words. I learned a lot and want to thank you. Now that we are doing articulation therapy, we use your same approach with games and praise.

Darlene Kendrick

By providing my son with techniques and strategies to improve his speech as well as teaching him coping skills, Tim changed my teenage son’s life entirely. He managed to do all this with great with and humor which my son could immediately relate to.

Kim Kaplan
Marietta, GA

Confidence in my new skills has turned speaking situations into eagerly anticipated events, rather than feared ones. Tim has helped me break the downward cycle of self-consciousness, self-doubt and unpenetrable blocks. Communication is now wonderful.

Dane Williams
age 29

Prior to F.A.S.T. Fluency, we felt completely helpless and ill-equipped to handle Ryan’s stuttering. Previous speech therapy did not help to resolve his stuttering.

Our involvement as a family in his treatment gave us the tools we needed to confidently guide him through his disfluencies. Also, allowing our older daughter to participate in the process was very important to our family.

Ryan started speech therapy with Tim at age 4 years, 8 months. Ryan graduated after 12 visits. It is nearly four years after treatment and he is fluent and blends right in with his peers.

Brenda Tillman

F.A.S.T. Fluency was magnificent. It helped our son build confidence and courage when dealing with his fluency challenge. We would recommend it to anyone.Noah started speech therapy with Tim at age 5 years, 1 month. He had 10 visits of therapy. More than four years after treatment Noah remains free of stuttering.

Angela McDaniel

I can’t express how grateful I am to you, Tim. My son has an awesome level of fluency. Before we came to you, I was so worried about his stuttering. Now, I almost never hear a remotely bumpy word. This was an answer to our prayers. Your program was perfect for my son. I will continue to recommend it to other parents. Thank you.

Laura Hicks