Long Distance Help

For those not near the Atlanta area

There are two programs being enjoyed by a number of people who stutter and/or parents of children who stutter. These programs offer effective treatment for individuals not near Atlanta.

1) Direct Treatment for Young Children.

Last year alone, families from 16 States and 3 foreign countries traveled to Atlanta for a consultation and training to resolve stuttering. Parents of preschool children learn hands-on tools to create more fluent speech and break the cycle of stuttering.

F.A.S.T. Fluency, a cutting-edge direct model, is taught to parents to stop stuttering in young children. This is a "self-image safe" approach in which positive reinforcement is at the core. Follow up can be through phone consults, video exchange, live PC camera links, or check ups in Atlanta.

Many families have already had success resolving stuttering in this program. There is a unique time window in young children to resolve stuttering. The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) is embracing the new evolution of consumers connecting with specialists globally.

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2) Phone and Live Internet Sessions

Employing a combination of traditional fluency strategies and incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), tele-health therapy can be very effective.

The integration of behavioral strategies and anxiety elimination is often the difference that makes the difference. The ages of current clientele taking advantage of long distance services is 6-55. Clientele ranges from the Orient, Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Assignments may include internet technology and video exchange. See Ian's Homerun for information about a successful phone consultation program.

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Fees vary according to services rendered.

From California to Atlanta

"Words cannot describe how much Coach Tim helped my 10 now 11 year old son. We came from California after several years with other therapists. Coach Tim was able to help my son in a manner that he could understand and gave him techniques to improve on his own. My son is now almost stutter free – and only continues to improve!! Thank you Coach Tim!!"