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Tim Mackesey on NPR – Closer Look May 22, 2019

19:56: There are over 3 million Americans in the United States who stutter, according to The Stuttering Foundation. Speech-language pathologist Tim Mackesey used to be one of them. After struggling with stuttering for 25 years, he went on to obtain his master’s degree in speech pathology and established a clinic in Dunwoody. Mackesey has now been treating patients for over two decades – he shares his journey and approach to helping others.

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Tim Mackesey talks about "When I Stutter" movie

Stuttering specialist Tim Mackesey recalls the significance of the words WHEN I STUTTER in his journey with stuttering...

2015 MLK Commemorative Service

MLK Day 2015. Sean Khan delivers a riveting tribute to Martin Luther King in front of 1,200 people at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. His practice and execution resulted in impeccable fluency for a person who stutters.

Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents