Raise Your Voice

A 501c3 non-profit established to educate and provide a community outreach.

Education for speech-language pathologists (SLPs), scholarships for therapy, a camp for kids who stutter, and community outreach are all part of our vision.

Raise Your Voice, Inc is a relatively new non-profit stuttering organization dedicated to people who stutter. Grass roots advocacy will include education for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and teachers, scholarships for therapy, a camp for kids who stutter, and other forms of community outreach. Raise Your Voice, Inc is currently working directly with educators, administrators, speech-language pathologists, physicians, and parents to offer seminars and learning opportunities.  There is nothing more potent than face-time to facilitate change. School budgets are strained and time off for continuing education is hard to come by so we go to them. Children are worth this investment.

Raise Your Voice Nonprofit

We will need your help to make this dream happen.

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