Adult Success Stories

Brian’s Story: A Phone Coaching Story

I had the fortune of coming across Tim after an exhaustive search to find help with my stuttering. I had never suffered from severe problems with my speech but a recent incident where I blocked on my name at a work function convinced me to seek the help of a professional. This once incident and the effect on my self-esteem caused my stuttering to worsen as I found myself dwelling on these “what if I stutter” situations.

After exploring my options, I couldn’t be more fortunate to have found Tim and utilized his techniques to get to the root of my stuttering problem. Over the course of 10 phone sessions, I was able to harness Tim’s unique techniques to improve my speech demonstrably and believe I’m at 95% full recovery (with the other 5% coming soon!).

My job as a junior investment banker requires a high level of client interaction and my managing director, in particular, places a lot of value in meeting with companies and sourcing clients. With Tim’s help I was able to overcome every mental “hurdle” I’d created about what I thought people would think about me if I stuttered. Though the effects didn’t happen overnight, the success of Tim’s techniques is perpetual I quickly found myself living by a simple formula:

Techniques = confidence = success = more confidence

I understand most adults who stutter have many specific situations, words, or sounds that provoke stuttering. Tim’s use of “reframing” has allowed me to remove the phobia and unleash consistent fluency on those formerly troubling issues. He taught me how to remove anxiety before situations. He also taught me how to reframe any stutters as to prevent relapse. I now know what used to cause relapse and how to use strategies to “run my brain.”

I’m happy to report that I’m the most client-facing junior banker at my firm and continue to take on responsibility that is not typical of someone my age or title. I was recently regarded as the top banker in my class by reviewers and I’m extremely grateful to Tim for giving me the confidence and tools to achieve what I have with my job.

California, USA